How to Choose the Right Photo Facial Treatment

Back in the 1980s, photo facial was started as a way to treat discrete conditions, such as acne, smoker's lip, and certain forms of hair loss. Smooth skin, including that on the face, neck, and hands, was thought to be a thing of the past. Until then, there was no real way to treat skin that was too dark or bright. If you were born with naturally dark skin, or if your skin was darkened by a fire or medical procedure, there was little hope.

Still, advances in skin care have made it possible to treat skin that is uneven in pigmentation. This is called hyper Pigmentation. Hazel, never the softest skin on your body, now becomes a glorious caress, even without makeup.

If a photo facial treatment is done incorrectly, the wrong pigmentation or uneven toning of the skin can occur. Thus, you can get sunburned or tan palms, and the chances of discoloration double. It can be quite disconcerting. Fortunately, most people have learned to cope with these rare side effects, and if done correctly, a photo facial is an effective way to correct ageing skin and get rid of unwelcome wrinkles.

Choosing a physician

So, how do you choose the right photo facial treatment for you? Here are some tips for choosing a physician:

Ask your friends for referrals. Ask your family doctor, nursing assistant, or specialist to recommend a suitable physician. Check the local and online newspapers and magazines for any good doctors. Finally, read reviews. A bad photo could give you an entirely different look!

Ask around for referrals. Ask your friends if any of them have had any success with laser hair removal.

Check the local and online newspapers and magazines for any good doctors.

read reviews. A bad photo could give you an entirely different look!

Differences between IPL and Laser treatments.

In IPL treatment, multiple laser beams or IPL are used. In laser treatment, only one laser beam is used.

and IPL treatment [] provides a safe way to get rid of unwanted hair, and has little risk of side effects.

Laser hair removal is a more limited treatment. You should not expect to be bald for months after treatment. Some doctors have invented a course of laser treatment that ends with the hair follicle being destroyed. This course is called "semi permanent" or "temporary" laser hair removal. This means that some hair regrowth is possible, but much less than in IPL treatment.

In IPL treatment, the laser can destroy the hair follicle without bothering the visible skin. This is unlike laser treatment, which must do so much more than hair to be effective.

semi permanent· does not require any doctor's prescription· can be done in about 15 minutes· may take up to 2 to 4 weeks to see results· must be repeated every few months

Laser hair removal is often considered more permanent than IPL treatment, but this is not always true. Laser treatment is limited to hairrow removal, and in some cases, replacement of hair in the treated area. In other words, laser hair removal is considered cosmetic, and is not necessarily permanent. Permanent hair removal must be achieved through more intensive means, such as electrolysis or testosterone use.